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Todays date: 11/28/2014

NEW DUES INFORMATION FOR 2015 [New or transfer umpires see info in red below]
$80.00 at Banquet
$90.00 after Sept. 1st 2014
$100.00 after Jan. 1st 2015

NOTE: All new umpires and umpires transferring into our unit will not be required to pay any dues. New or transfer umpires will not receive a rule book, case book and any regular scheduled games until the instructors have had an opportunity to evaluate them at one of our high schools and have worked a scrimmage game.

2014 Points of Emphasis Powerpoint Presentations
Hybrid Pithing Stance Points of Emphasis | New Rules and Points of Emphasis

2014 Classroom Tests
Test 1 | Test 2 | Test 3

2014 Study Guide Exam
Study Guide Exam

2014 New Umpire Information Form
Umpire Information Form

2014 NFHS Rule Changes
2014 NFHS Rule Changes

Basic Three Man Mechanics

CBUA Memorandums for the 2014 Season
Memo #1 | Memo #2 | Memo #3

FCBUA Memorandums for the 2014 Season
Memo #1 | Memo #2